About Us

I love diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and gold. It all started on a class trip to the Museum of Natural History in the late 80s. I had never been to this museum before so it was all new. As I entered the Mineral Exhibit and saw the display of minerals behind the glass, I was transfixed. I went up to the display and just stared in awe at all the beautiful stones. I fell in love. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that God had planted a seed in me at that moment for a passion for gemstones, specifically diamonds. I was always drawn to the large stones, but on a jewelry shopping excursion with my mother in the Diamond District in NYC, as my mother insisted that I should look at the small diamond size tennis bracelets since I was so petite, another seed was planted by God. This one was for a love for melee diamonds and gemstones. The variety of diamonds and gemstones, their shapes and sizes just fascinates me and that is what my jewelry designs are designed  around.

I am An Accounting Professional by education and experience but a Designer at heart and it has always been my desire to own my own business. And from this desire, my love for jewelry design came about. Taking it one step at a time but always moving forward. I designed my first collection in the fall of 2001, but it wasn’t until 2018 that my designs started to come to fruition.

I hope you enjoy my Diamond Dainties Collection as well as the curated jewelry pieces and that the jewelry adds a little sparkle and elegance to your life.